Jen Jackson
Channel 2 News

Many joggers laced up their running shoes while it's still dark, early in the morning and hit the trail.

But, Friday night runners lit up the path, hitting the pavement for fun and for a local organization.

The cloudy skies masked the moon a little bit.  But, more than 300 runners put one foot in front of the other at Rancho San Rafael Park. They chose to run a 5k or 10k for the Second Annual Moonlight Madness run.

Catherine McFeely, the run organizer says, "It's a fundraiser for Cupped Hands which is a local charity that supports people that are suffering from eating disorders."

"As far as I know, this is the only run, here in the area at night." says runner Jim Hemig.

Runners say they love the nighttime challenge.

So, they equip themselves with flashlights, headlamps and even adorn themselves with bright lights to be seen on the course through the park.

"I think it's really unique that we get to run at night and it's pretty much a trail run," says Chris Shea.

It's the kind of unique event that's drawing people from Susanville to run in the dark.

Lisa Urquizeu brought some of her middle school students to participate, "We've been running on the cross country team and we really wanted to experience an organized race."

All the race proceeds will go to Cupped Hands.

About $5,000,  is exactly what organizers hoped so people with eating disorders can get help.

"You can exercise and you can eat in balance." says McFeely.

Once the running is done, the nighttime fun goes on.

"We all head around the fire and eat and drink whatever they brought." Hemig adds.