Bill Brown
Channel 2 News

A national organization says Nevada is currently a hot spot for UFO activity. And it says one is ongoing with video evidence and witnesses.

The town of Ely lies near the center of this case and investigators think that mining and electrical power may play a key.

Mark Easter is the head of the state wing for MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network. It’s Easter’s job to be the ‘boots on the ground’ in UFO sightings throughout Nevada. 

He has to separate possible fact from fantasy and he says people who see objects are not always happy with his findings. “The reason being is we do follow a code of ethics. We’re gong tell you we try to identify.”

Easter says 95% of sightings can be explained as manmade or naturally occurring phenomena. It’s the 5% we should wonder about.

So what is out there? “I don’t know what it is. I don’t profess to know what it is. I don’t blow smoke.”

Easter says more and more people in this high-tech age, common everyday people are shooting video of very uncommon activity in the skies.

For instance, in one video an orb clearly moves across the night sky in an unidentified location. Trees come into the foreground to give it scale.

Another video shot in the same location on a different date clearly shows a UFO zig zagging - therefore not a plane or swampgas. Easter says this evidence lies in the 5%. “This puts it up a notch when you have physical evidence. We need to have the physical evidence to take the investigation further.”

And even science is taking a kinder view of the UFO phenomenon. “I have to say I think that there is life outside of earth and I think there may be intelligent life in our galaxy or in another galaxy,” says Dan Ruby of Fleischmann Planetarium.

But Ruby is quick to point out factors against our being able to effectively talk to an alien are huge. He says to have their technology they would have to have been around for millions of years. In perspective, humans are only about 10,000 years old. “So the likelihood that civilizations are going to be synched up and at a point where they can talk to each other is really slim.”

That’s presuming the objects are of an extra terrestrial origin.

A case that is seeing UFO activity to this day is ongoing near Ely. And the witnesses know they saw something; they just don’t know what.

“It looked like one large object with all these lights on it and it was like, guess you could say maybe cigar shaped.” 

Another witness said, “All of a sudden it just disappeared. I looked at Sean and said, ‘did you see that?’ And he said, ‘did you see that? What the hell was that?’” 

Still another person said, “I’ve been around Air Force bases. I’ve watched F-14s take off, swing in their wings and turn on their after burners. These things would outrun them in a heartbeat.”