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University Students Are Introducing Nano Technology to Skis

Kellene Stockwell
Channel 2 News

Nano technology and skis? Science is at the forefront of some skis at the University of Nevada.

A shake table simulates a problem that every skier has experienced - bouncing ski tips can slow skiers down and make turning harder.

"Students are given the opportunity to come up with a design project and I try to steer them towards nano."

Assistant Professor Kam K. Leang got funding to develop a new curriculum. It will get students around the country to find problems and come up with nano solutions.

Inside is a metal honeycomb structure - filled with small metal particles.

When the vibrations start, "the collisions turn the energy into heat energy and it's all dissipated."

In a shake table experiment it cut vibrations by about two-thirds!

For a real-world test they're building a pair of skis with the device inside. And eventually, in theory they could scale it down, way down to the nano level.

And the ski would have the technology built right in along the whole length of the core. "It'd be a sheet of material that would be so small you wouldn't notice there was any gap and the particles inside you wouldn't be able to see them hear them or feel them almost."

The idea is to spur breakthroughs in nano for all kinds of applications but they do have other ideas for skis including skis you'd never have to wax or sharpen, skis that change color and even skis that change shape with the push of a button.

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