Andi Guevara introduces us to the people in our community who are making a difference or those who simply have an interesting story to tell. Meet someone new every Thursday.

Someone 2 Know; Clio Togni

Someone 2 Know; Judge David Clifton

Someone 2 Know; Sharon Oren

No one knows his way around the highways and byways of the Silver State better than Jack Sutton. Every Sunday night, he takes us on the road to see a place or meet someone you just won’t find within the city limits.

Nevada Backroads: The "Tommy Knocker"

NV Backroads: Local Rock Climber

Future Cheerleaders

Arianna Bennett digs deeper to take a closer look at the people and issues making news in Northern Nevada and the Sierra. This 30-minute program airs several times each weekend.

Face the State: Workforce Training for 'The New Nevada'

Face the State: Virginia Street Makeover

Face the State: Washoe County Sheriff Race, Part 2 with Candidate Darin Balaam

From the latest medical breakthroughs to ways to keep your family healthy, Kristen Remington talks to the experts and gives you a closer look each weeknight.

Health Minute: Household Cleaners Linked to Childhood Obesity

Health Watch: Keeping Community Doctors

Health Watch: Heart Transplant Kiki Challenge Girl

The topic changes each Monday, but a doctor who knows all about it is just a phone call away as Kristen Remington helps you get your specific health care questions answered.

Ask The Doctor: Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

Ask The Doctor: Sports Physical Exams

Ask the Doctor: Food as Medicine

There’s no shortage of opinions as Landon Miller shares the viewer calls he gets each day on the “Your 2 Cents” line. You can give us Your 2 Cents, too, by calling 775-861-4321.

Your 2 Cents: Kavanaugh Reactions

Your 2 Cents: FUNLV

Your 2 Cents: Opioid Lawsuit