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Nevada Gay Couples React to California's Prop 8 Decision

Neda Iranpour
Channel 2 News

Robert Harding and Jeromy Manke were just weeks from getting married. They were scouting out California cities, picking flowers, and inviting guests. "We were only planning on doing it once, so we want it to be our special day and have it exactly how we want it with all our friends and family."

But California's Supreme Court upheld the voter-passed Proposition 8 Tuesday. The state constitution will now define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Supporter Steve Maseis says, "It's all about taking back the family. There has been so much degradation to family."

Janine Hansen, President of the Eagle Forum is grateful for California's decision. She testified before Nevada's legislature against same sex marriage. "We want to have the kind of community that we had growing up. We want what's best for our children and for them to have a family with a father and mother."

But 18,000 same-sex couples who married before November's election are still valid. Owen Bryant got married just in time. He showed Channel 2 News his marriage license and pictures of his California wedding. "It's nothing to be afraid of. We're regular people who want the same rights as everybody else."

Attorney Nicole Harvey says this will pose unprecedented questions of equality. She says people will question why it's fair for some to be married and not others. "It will create legal conundrums and hopefully the court will find it easier to grant marriages."

Nicole says she's seen first-hand the benefits of her marriage. Her wife and daughter are now insured through her. "That would be horrifying to wake up and be divorced today."

She's grateful to still be legally married, but sad for couples like Robert and Jeromy who were so close to that commitment. "We are people just like everyone else. We are citizens and want to be treated equally across the board."

Jeromy says, "To hear the news really broke our hearts because now it's all up in the air again." They say this battle is far from over, and they'll keep fighting in the name of love.

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